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2018 Brisbane Convoy for Kids



2018 Sponsors

Truck & Ute Sponsors


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2018 Lead Utes

Due to the growing popularity of the lead ute bid
we will again use the 2017 format.

It's never too early to start your fundraising for the lead bid. If you would like to do what Brandon did and get the lead position by harrassing friends, family, work mates and people you don't even like, then contact Leanne  on 0422 104744 for your pledge sheet.

  • The lead utes are no longer restricted to 10 vehicles
  • Bidding will close at 5pm 31st October and the lead ute winners will be announced on Thursday 1st November.
  • Proof of payment of bids is to be received by Leanne Dinning by 8pm 31/10/18 or the bid will be declaired null and void.
  • The highest bid will receive the coveted "Leader" Flag.
  • The winner will be promoted on social media, TV & radio where appropriate
  • Final bidding will take place via Facebook chat group "BC4K Leaderboard bid". When you make your initial bid you will be added to the group. The leading bids for Lead Truck and Lead Ute will be listed on the Facebook page at 4pm. From then on all final bids must be placed in this manner. Bidding will close at 5pm but when a bid is made via Facebook there will be 5 minutes for a counterbid. If no counterbid is received within the 5 minutes, then bidding will cease. For example, if a bid comes in at 5:58pm then we will allow until 6:03pm for another bidder to outbid, this will continue until there are no other bidders after the allowed 5 minutes.
Rank Name Vehicle Bid
1  Brandon Albury
 Brandon Albury resized.jpg $100





Our Partners

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Callipari Wines

HEST Paramedical

Kim Knapp

Northside Diesel

Robert Martin - Film maker

Redcliffe Show Society

Rob Toy

Bill Hood